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Engineering Project Management

Engineering Project Management

Sizwe Jackson Consultancy Service is a Guyanese registered business with a satellite office in Trinidad serving the English speaking Caribbean.

We provide consultancy services for Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering projects, Business Administration, Logistics Management and Project Management. Our goal is to support companies locally and regionally, by helping them to improve their sustainability, competitiveness and performance capabilities.

Planning & Strategy

Even though, planning is the second step in the Project Management Cycle we place Planning as the first and most critical. We also recognize that management of the Politics within a particular country is also important and if not managed effectively can cause a project to fail. To this end, we utilize our local knowledge and apply all these parameters within our project plans. The end result is an increase in the probability of success.

meet team

Meet Our Team

Our Management Team comprises of consulting professionals with extensive experience. The team draws on its diverse skills set, years of Executive Management and Senior Line Management experience in various regions and sectors across the Caribbean to offer our clients the highest quality service.

Why Work With Us?

We Believe in Best Quality

In keeping with our mission, we place a heavy emphasis on quality, not profits.

Excellent Team Players

Our successful track record could not have been achieved without cohesion between our team and other contractors.

Wide Range of Competencies

Our team possess a wide range of competencies coupled with years of experience in each discipline.

Sizwe Jackson Consultancy Service provides support and solutions to our client’s businesses. We team up with our clients to identify problems, review and upgrade processes and procedures, and recommend ways to mitigate potential risk. Our unique selling proposition is the combination of technology, business acumen and experience in consultancy.

Professional Support and Services

We offer professional support and services such as: Geotechnical, Environmental and Highway Engineering; Quantity Surveying and Land Surveying: Executing Feasibility Studies; Developing Drawings, Specifications, Environmental Impact Assessments; Providing Architectural, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Designs; Supervising projects through Contract Administration and Financial Management; Providing HSE Training and Development (OSHA); Scheduling of Operations and Project Management training. In brief we provide the technical skills to effectively grow and operate an organisation efficiently.

Our Mission

We strive to be focused, responsive and an efficient organisation. We are dedicated to providing our clients with technical knowledge, guidance and Business Management Services to execute quality project with the minimum of resources.

Our Vision

To be an efficient, responsive and focused people-driven organisation dedicated to providing our clients with quality and resourceful Project and Business Management services.